Monday, June 9, 2008

What Is The Time Table For Proof?

You astound me Ron.

You astound me with the silly things you say...
saying people want proof - like it's such a ridiculous thing to require proof, when, otherwise, anyone could come forward and claim to be a prophet of God and lead God's children, by the nose, anywhere they so choose.

What are you trying to tell your followers when you say to them 'people want PROOF'? Of Course we want proof. We want the proof you said would come. That is how a prophet is proved true or false.

It has all fallen flat on it's face. I can imagine you and your crew scanning the news and the internet daily, grasping at straws, "Here's something! This could be something! Look! There was a flood!" and in the meantime; y
ou pretend that God is revealing things to you a little at a time and say, that's why things have not gone as expected. But God is no liar. If He had given you prophesies, they most definitely would have come to pass when He said and just as He said, but such is not the case.

I ask you; ...How are we supposed to be woke up if we can't see ANYTHING? What kind of wake up call is invisible?

You claim God told you the Thunders were going to happen.
You claim God told you the Tribulation was going to happen.
Where is the specific proof that you, Ron, said would come?
We are in day 53 of the alleged tribulation, yet the world is unaware of this. The world at large is unaware of Ron and Laura Weinland. The Bible tells us the two witnesses witness, but there has been no witnessing from Laura at all. Apparently she is one of the two witnesses in name only, and as far as you witnessing... not really witnessing at all...just damage control sermons. This doesn't resemble the Bible at all.

Did Moses go before Pharaoh, tell him what would happen, and then stand by and look like an fool because NOTHING happened like he said God had told him?
Of course not. Because God WAS talking to Moses.
When God said something would happen, IT HAPPENED!!
Yet... here we are... listening to you assuring people even though Nothing happened as you said GOD said it would.
Here you are, taking back EVERYTHING you CLAIMED in your book!
All the stuff that you said was SUPPOSED to PROVE to everyone that you are a PROPHET.

You say silly things like; the critics want to see a nuke as proof.
It's not ABOUT what anybody WANTS to see! Nobody wants to see nukes go off anywhere, it's about waiting for the proof you said would come, the proof of who you say you are. YOU are the one who made the claim about nukes. We didn't.

Are we a sinful people because we trust Deut. 18:22 & Rev. 2:2 and look for the proof or lack thereof?
Deut. 18:22 If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.

Rev. 2:2 "...I know that you cannot tolerate wicked men, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false."

Ron, you simply cannot claim to be a prophet of God and expect people to believe you without proof, and then pretend to put curses on those who have discovered you to be false.

You said there would be PROOF and THAT is what people want to see Ron.
But there is no proof. You dance and dodge and say ridiculous things such as we just want to see calamity, or that we are hating God by accusing you of being a false prophet! You say these ridiculous things because we call you on your words. Because we expect you to be true to your word.
You DID say you are true to your, be true to your word.

YOU SAID SPECIFIC THINGS WOULD HAPPEN AND THEY... HAVEN'T ... HAPPENED! And there you stand telling everyone God has changed his mind. You said you would step down by Pentecost if there was no clear proof, and then you go back on your word despite the fact that you said you are true to your word.


You say the Tribulation didn't start the way we conjured up in our heads, but the only picture we had in our heads is the one you PUT there with your claims, spelled out in black and white in your book.

You tell us it's not what you thought. That's because you are not God's prophet.

You tell us you're not a fortune teller. No, you're not. But you have told us in your book the things that are to befall us in our future, as allegedly told to you by God.
And here is a neat little trick: ONLY THOSE WHO "GOD CALLS" AND "OPENS THERE EYES/MINDS" can "see." Well, as in the Emperor's New Clothes, no one is about to step forward and admit they can't see the 'fine new clothing he is wearing' and be declared a fool. No worry for the little children though, the small child is not concerned with others thinking him a fool, but speaks the truth; "The king is NAKED!"

Excuse me... but... how many prophets delivered GOD'S MESSAGE OF CHASTISEMENT, and then told the people that they're receiving an invisible punishment? That is the goofiest thing I've ever heard.

People... I can tell you right now, we will ALWAYS be waiting see the PROOFS THAT RON SAID WOULD COME, right Ron? The proof that YOU..ARE..WHO..YOU..SAY..YOU..ARE.

Well we've been waiting a long time.

The 6th seal came and went; that is - The 7 thunders came and went, or should I say NEVER came; keep in mind the alleged, first thunder was 9/11. The whole world new of it, and although the remaining thunders were to be be much more pronounced than the first... there has been nothing more pronounced than 9/11, has there? and the time of the thunders have gone. The beginning of the tribulation came and went, we are now, as of June 9th, in day 53. Day 45 of your "45 to 90 days" has come and gone, and NONE of your PROOFS have come. Pentecost has come and gone......

You simply cannot believe someone's claim to be a prophet of God without proof. That would not only be foolish, but dangerous as well.
How many chances will you give a man before you finally conclude that he has
not been sent to you by God? How long will you continue to follow a man whose "prophesies" have not come to pass? How long will you permit a false teacher to stand between you and God? How much longer will you allow yourself to be led astray?
And, yes, if he is a false prophet , he is a false teacher meaning you have been led astray.

You must stop making the excuse that they are 'only human' or 'they're not perfect', because we ALL know that. We all know this of all God's servants. The difference is; The 'imperfect', 'only human' prophets that God chose, were actually His prophets. We know this because the things they told people that God had said actually happened. Are you really so willing to cling to Ron's message over that of God's? Are you really so sure that he is telling you the truth?

Let me ask you; If you were to treat this like college, and be tested, could you answer all the questions on the test? Do you know Ron's book, 2008 GFW, well enough to answer questions posed to you? Do you know it well enough to be aware of contradictions between what he says in his book and what he says in sermons? I can tell you right now; if you are not aware of any contradictions, you do not know his book. And making excuses for these contradictions is a dangerous and scary thing to do, especially since you have had no proof of his claims.

Don't be so easily fooled by claims of earthquakes or by disasters in countries that have nothing to do with the prophesies that Ron made, or by thinking that because the Pope hoped that the victims may find 'forgiveness' for the perpetrators, that he is being controlled by Satan. For crying out loud. Where is the scripture where Jesus said forgiveness of sins was a sin?! How are you so easily fooled? Did Jesus not say we cannot be forgiven our sins if we cannot forgive others of their sins against us? (Mt.6:14-15, Mk. 11:25). Jesus Himself was tortured to death, tortured to the point of being so disfigured beyond that of any man and His form marred beyond human likeness (Is. 52:14) He could count all His bones (Ps. 22:17) They pulled out His beard (Is. 50:6)... yet, what did He say? Forgive them Father, they don't know what they are doing. Was it evil to ask the Father to forgive the people who committed this heinous crime against His Son?

If a man is proven false, why would anyone choose to follow that organization? Why in the world would anyone want to continue on in the teachings of a false teacher? Would not everyone expect the entire organization to be dissolved? What does it matter that the one giving the sermons has changed? That is the only thing that will have changed. Why would you continue on in his house? Of course, you wouldn't, because you're too smart for that. Besides, you know you know we don't need a man to follow, because you know we follow Christ Jesus and you know that each believer makes up the church, and you know that Jesus said we would receive the Counselor who will teach us all things.

Mat. 18:6 But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.
"Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to sin! Such things must come, but woe to the man through whom they come!


Anonymous said...

I think Ron Weinland is the real "silent witness". 1) He is witnessing events that nobody can see or hear. 2) Nobody even knows who he is. If a tree falls in the forrest...

It is laughable that he is derailing his congregation and others that they desire "proof". He spent the last year and a half on the radio and in his sermons *boldy* proclaiming that the world will get very clear proof, but it just plain didn't happen (and won't).

By his own words, he has called himself insane. "If by Pentecost". I hope people will use the half of brain cell that they have left in their brain and use it to immediately locate the exit. It isn't just Ron that needs to repent, it's his whole apple-dumpling gang.

AMAZING said...

I hope people are smart enough to see his true colors now that he has backtracked on everything he has said. I must say I fell for his BALONEY and that was the most expensive BALONEY I have ever bought. When he posted his NEW TRUTH that was when it hit me..........How STUPID I was to listen to all his BS. He goes on and on about all his mockers. I bet his ears are really ringing now. Thank you for letting me vent, I know that many other people fell for his almighty crap and hopefully they see the light. This statement is for you RONALD WEINLAND I hope you get what you have wished on all your mockers, is it cancer Ronny? Your so puffed up with pride you make me sick and I know you are on the computer reading everything that people are writing about you because you say it all the time in your sermons, your so full of yourself. What you didn't realized is that you are the one telling the people about what is being said.... Isn't that AMAZING!

Seeker Of Truth said...


Vent away, I'm so glad to hear you have left. Congratulations. I hope you find some things here in this blog that can be helpful to you in your quest for truth. Of course, as I always say; find more scriptures than what I provide and make sure it's true. Good luck, and may God bless you.