Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prayer Request

I want to thank everyone for your prayers for my brother. No cancer! No heart issues! Thank God!

Could I impose upon you, once again, and ask you to pray for another family member who just, two days ago, discovered they have Hepatitis C.

I, and my family would be so very grateful!

UPDATE: There are also prayer requests in the comments.

Thank you in advance.



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Acts 17:11



angel said...

How wonderful that we have such a Great Healer; I'm happy for your brother and will keep your family member in my prayers.

I wonder if I could ask you all to pray for one of my family members. He's been a Christian for 15+ years so it was a shock to hear that he'd been arrested for soliciting the murder of his wife.

I remember him as a gentle child and a sweet, quiet young man. He's currently in jail as his bail was set at 3 million. My mother went to visit him last weekend and said as soon as he saw her he broke down in tears, saying he was so sorry, embarrassed and ashamed. My mom told him she loved him and always would; that she was there to offer love, support and prayers. She told him she had been praying for angels to surround him and protect him. He said two men, tough guys who had been there a long time, had taken it upon themselves to look after him and were even helping him talk to people about God.

That just broke my heart; he has obviously not been walking with the Lord for all this to happen, yet God can work thru this for good. I believe God stopped this before he could carry it thru.

My prayer is for him, his wife and his family for the strength to get through this, and that they will all draw closer to God. I pray for wisdom for those who will be defending him, and those who will be judging him.

I can't visit him anytime soon as I live 2,000 miles away but I intend to write to him; please pray that I find words of love, encouragement and hope.

Thank you.

xHWA said...

Sure, I can pray for these things. My condolences to you both.

Since we're at it, I know a lady who is suffering from diabetes-related injuries (loss of vision, swelling, etc). Any prayers for her would be much obliged.

I also know a couple ladies who just moved to Montana and no doubt could use any prayers they can get. I don't know if they have found work yet. After such a big move they no doubt need lots of things we usually take for granted.

Seeker Of Truth said...

Angel, absolutely, my prayers will be with your family.

jack635 said...

"How to Pray" would be a good subject of discussion for a future post. There are guidelines in the NT on how, why, where, when, and what to pray for.

xHWA said...

I once took part in a small discussion on the Church of God Fellowship forum about whether or not people in the COGs should pray for people who are not in the COGs.

Myself and one other person were definitely in the "YES! We should." Category. Everyone else either leaned towards or were definitely in the "No, we should not!" category.

Their only exception was when that non-member was a relative or peer (co-worked, friend, etc.) of a member.

To this day, when I recall this, I am affected by feelings of shock and disbelief that people can be so callous and self-important.