Friday, March 8, 2013


Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit for a bit. I'm James D. H. Bruce. I was given the oprotunity to do a little bit teaching and a lot of exploring what the Bible really does say. I look foreward to interacting with all of you. Writing for this blog is very exciting for me and is a wonderful chance to discuss scripture, study, learn, and spread the Good News of my Lord; Christ Jesus.

I am going to be the first to say this about me; I don't know everything. And I'm really sure that knowing everything is not in my job discription. But testing all things with the Word of God is very much in my job discrption. It is a point of personal honor that I give my best effort to publish to our readers what I know to be true, not according to my ideas but that which is true according to God. I will look to 1st to God's written word, The Bible, and to the Holy Spirit in my journy towards the truth. I will from time to time inquire of other people; my co-"workers" here at "As Bereans Did" and to various commentaries, dictionaries, and stuff written by really old dead guys rumored to know a thing or two. But the FINAL word is God's.

I have multiple areas of study under my belt. I studied History at the University of Northern Colorado, and Religeion and Philosophy at Friends Univerity in Wichita, Kansas. My wife and I started a house church in our fair city (For God's Glory Church and Ministries) for which I serve as pastor and teacher, the hours are OK but the pay is really bad. This is not a job for those who wish to be wealthy with money. But if you want a job that will grow you as a Christian and infiltrait God into every part of your life, well, it turned out to be the one for me.

I have a wonderful wife and a beutiful daughter they are a great joy to me and the greatest of all blessings that God has granted me besides the relationship I have with the Great I AM. I have extended family all over it seem from the Rocky Mountains to the Missisippi River and Down into the great State of Texas where I was originally born.

So there you have it. A bit of me. I'm sure more will be said as we explore God's Word together.
God's blessings upon all of y'all.
James D. H. Bruce


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to your writings. I hope we will all be blessed by our exchange of the truth of the word.

xHWA said...

Thanks for coming on board, James. Very nice intro. I look forward to more of your writings too.

May God be a blessing to others through you and may His word return to Him multiplied, accomplishing everything He sent it out to do.