Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ambassador Fine Arts Building Demolished

"Ambassador College's Modern Honeycomb Has Been Destroyed" the title of an article by Adrian Kudler on from June 18, 3013. It appears along with this photo:

Sure would seem that all those 'widow's mites' that went into building the Ambassador campus were not put to the best use after all. The glory of the campus was a flower that blooms up in the morning, but withers away by sunset.
So much for this temple complex needing to be finished in time for Christ's return.

Our sympathies to all of the people who sacrificed so much at the continual behest of WCG leadership to assist in the building of that campus, or who formed memories both good and bad while attending classes or working there, and who now no doubt suffer much emotional grief at seeing it come to this inglorious end so soon.

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