Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gary Benjamin RIP

It is with profound sadness and respect that ABD announces the death of Mr. Gary Benjamin of Mount Blanchard, Ohio. Gary died yesterday, Thursday July 22, 2015.

If it weren't for Gary, there would be no xHWA.
You showed me what Ron Weinland really is. You taught me to think for myself. You taught me it was OK to ask questions and to dig deeper. You taught me there was more to faith than what is printed in a booklette from Pasadena.

Gary was fond of witty sayings, like, "Walk slow and drink cold water," or, "On the other hand, she had warts." He loved a good gag.

There are a very few people from the COG days who were so genuine that they retain my respect. Gary was one. He was among the best of them.

Rest In Peace, old man. And Fly to Jesus.

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