Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where Is the Prophet?

Well, everyone is asking the same question: Where is Ron? Hey, come to think of it, where is Laura? Avoiding scrutinizing questions maybe? Are they in hiding? Perhaps it's been a busy week scrambling for a convincing sermon, to tell everyone that everything is going as prophesied.

And as I mentioned in Ron Weinland & The Emperors New Clothes, will you, the believer be nodding your head in agreement, although, truly, you've seen nothing?

The 7 thunders were to take place in the 6th Seal. Right? Anyone disagree?

The thunders were to get progressively louder. But...I hear crickets...and frogs too, come to think of it. Who knows maybe he'll surprise everyone & step down.

Ron claims the 1st Trumpet was 9/11. Everyone saw that on the news, but if they were to increase in intensity, why were the others not on the news? Why have we seen nothing?
We all know the answer. 

The 6th seal came and went.

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