Friday, March 20, 2009

Prayer Request (cancer, heart)

I received a call from my brother yesterday (3.19.09). He told me that his doctor believes he has a small cancer in the lower part of a lung, and that he may have a problem with his heart as well. 

They don't have insurance so they are trying to contact some charities and such. When they come up with the funds, they will deal with the cancer and once he has healed from that they will address the heart issue.

I would greatly appreciate prayer for my brother and his family.

Thank you in advance,



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Bill said...

"Modern" cancer treatments treat the effects and not the causes. Have your brother go to:

Gerson was curing terminal cancer patients back in the 40's and 50's.

Seeker Of Truth said...

Thanks Bill. I'll pass that on to him.

Anonymous said...


Your brother is definitely on my prayer list! God bless.


Seeker Of Truth said...

Thanks BB. I really appreciate it.

technosensei said...

I don't know about Gerson, but I know cancer is a nasty bit of business. My prayers are with your brother for his comfort and healing.

Seeker Of Truth said...

Thanks xHWA... very appreciated.