Saturday, March 7, 2009


Here I am again to talk about Ron.
Today he went on about Jesus having a beginning, again. He read a bunch of scriptures and then concluded that they were in reference to the Father, not Jesus. The problem is that he failed to prove anything.
He only concluded.
Might I suggest looking, again, at my article: 

Did Jesus Have A Beginning
I don't conclude, I, instead, offer extensive proof. 
Who is it that owes you the truth? You do. You owe yourself the truth. How will you know if you have the truth if you don't look at other arguments to prove it to yourself; to be sure, that you do have the truth?

As I always say: it is your responsibility to prove it for yourself. 
It is not Ron's responsibility. It is not my responsibility. It is not another family members responsibility. 
It is yours.

May God bless you in this endeavor.

In His love,

Seeker of Truth

It is important that you understand; Everything on this blog is based on my current understanding. Never take anyone's word for it, always prove it for yourself, it is your responsibility. You cannot ride someone else's coattail into the Kingdom.

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