Monday, January 11, 2010

Wonderful News!!!

Everyone! I have wonderful news!!


I have waited soooooo long for this! I have prayed soooo much for this! And the day is here! This is one of those unique times in a person's life when it's just time to celebrate one's heart out. I count this right close to things like my marriage, or the birth of my children, or my own escape from Herbert Armstrong. I have no doubt that all the angels in Heaven itself are crying for joy!

Now, the victory isn't completely won. Just because this particular individual has left Ron, it does not mean they have left Armstrongism. But I have absolute hope, faith, and confidence in God that He both can and will work miracles to bring His loved ones from the bitter chains of Herbert (the W doesn't stand for anything) Armstrong, and into the wonderful light of grace and life of Jesus Christ within the New Covenant. Jesus wins. I just have to wait for it. By His grace I'll even live to see some of it.

I ask everyone to both celebrate with me and pray with me. And not just for this particular individual, but celebrate for all who escaped Armstrong, and pray for all who have not. Every one is precious. Every one is in need. But for right now, I'm overwhelmed and overflowing with joy and thankfulness for this particular one who is dear to my heart.

The highest thanks be to God Most High!! And thanks to all of you who have been of any support or any comfort in this wearisome battle along with us here at As Bereans Did, and the other former-Armstrongist blogs. Don't think too little of your prayers and support. Every last little bit helps! I thank you all.



It is important that you understand; Everything on this blog is based on the current understanding of each author. Never take anyone's word for it, always prove it for yourself, it is your responsibility. You cannot ride someone else's coattail into the Kingdom.

Acts 17:11



WeinlandWatch said...

Hey, congrats, xHWA, it's been a long long journey, hasn't it? Glad to hear your family member is at least partly out the door of the CoG system. If you need that contact info for Wellspring again, here it is, and the front page just announced they have a 5-day intensive program, that is 1/2 the price and 1/2 the stay of their traditional 2-week program. Something to consider, if your family member is really stressed after leaving, and needs a break from it all.

One more out of the clutches of Rotten Ron! Can the stampede be far behind? Heading into Timeline Three, you've gotta wonder.....

xHWA said...

Thanks, WW.

Timeline 3 is coming up, and I've still got at least 2 cousins and 2 siblings to go! Then there's the danger that they'll only jump ship to another Armstrongist group. That terror keeps me up nights.

You know what, though.. this is still a huge victory. One person at a time or a whole stampede. It's all good.

redfox712 said...

It is good to see this joyful day. This is very good news.

Purple Hymnal said...

"Then there's the danger that they'll only jump ship to another Armstrongist group. That terror keeps me up nights."

Dunno what the individual congregations are like in your area, but I think corporately speaking, the only ones to really worry about are PCG and RCG; even Spanky's cult doesn't have as much teeth as it used to, anymore.

Just keep them out of Junior's clutches, I'm sure they'll be fine. :-)

Dill Weed said...

Terrific news!


Loving support, time and perspective will all contribute to this persons healing.

Perhaps more will follow out the open door.

Dill Weed

xHWA said...

You are all terrific friends for joining me in celebrating this victory! Thank you all very much. Thank you for your kind words and support!