Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wade Cox Offers His Side

This is yet another follow-up post in a series about Wade Cox and his adventures on Facebook. You can find part 1 here, and part 2 here. I will continue under the assumption that you have read them.

As fortune would have it, Wade Cox has given his side of the story in a post on Facebook. In the interest of fairness (ABD is a polemics blog, but we try to remain fair) I will post it here, verbatim, unedited (except that names have been removed).
And then I will post the responses of each of the former Administrators of the group now occupied by Wade Cox, verbatim, unedited (except that names have been removed).

Did I say that I expected the last of it? Wow! Was I wrong! (See? I admit when I'm wrong.)

Former Worldwide Church of God and Other COG Groups
Topic: Administration
Thursday, November 18, 2010
As a result of the false information being put out regarding the circumstances of the administration of this site, I will post the true circumstances.

This site was commenced as a result of the abusive behaviour of the clique that was operating on another site. [**UPDATE: I have just learned that by "another site" Wade here refers to the WCG Survivors Facebook group, where he unsuccessfully tried the same hostile takeover trick one year ago.] Many of us were on that site and left in disgust at the abusive behaviour there. We were asked by an administrator of this site not to leave the other site but to keep posting. When we refused they asked us to come to this site. The creator of the site guaranteed us that the abuse of the other site would not be permitted. They also guaranteed us that these abusers would not be allowed on this site. The creator of the site also stated that it was her intention to ask one or two of us to become administrators of the site.

On those provisos we agreed to assist here. After a period of productive and civil exchanges it seems that a conspiracy appears to have been formed between at least three parties to conduct a campaign of malicious defamation on this site. This conspiracy was confirmed when one of the people on the other site, who had been seemingly asked to come on to this site, blatantly stated on this site that the campaign existed and that there were three people operating within it. One of those named was one of the administrators of this site.

The members of CCG and others who had been posting here decided that there had been a significant breach of trust. After consistent failure to have the defamation removed and the site restored to rational behaviour, we all requested that all posts of ours be removed and all defamatory posts also be removed forthwith. It is obvious that the effect on the site would be serious.

The administrators were informed of our views and their agreements. One was given an email letter regarding the declared conspiracy allegedly involving the one of them. [This email is posted in full below.] The administrator receiving the letter did not deny the matters. Neither of the administrators have ever been a member or in fellowship with the CCG in spite of what has been suggested.

At no time was it ever suggested by any one of the CCG members that they be given administration of the site. At no time did I ever suggest that the site be handed over to me. At no time did any member or officer of CCG ever suggest or ask that the site be handed over to any one of us.

On 15 November 2010 I Skype called Ms. Dana Hilburn to discuss a number of matters. She stated to me that she was on her cell phone speaking with Ms. [Admin #1] the administrator of this site. She said: “[Admin #1] has rung to ask me (Dana) to take over the administration of the site and she wants you to be an administrator as well” or words to that effect. I asked her a question about it. I said: “yes we could do it” or words to that effect. She relayed my comments to [Admin #1] via the cell phone. I could hear [Admin #1] speaking but could not make out the words clearly. Dana relayed her ([Admin #1]’s) comments to me via the Skype. She discussed how she would hand over the administration and I was told.

In the end [Admin #1] was told that we would accept the administration and clean up the site. We requested letters of appointment from her. She sent one to me naming us as administrators. She then reorganised the administration removing both the administrators and appointing the both of us. We then cleaned up the site removing the group of abusive trouble makers.

[Admin #1]’s comments regarding the cleanup and the posts on site were:
“Yes, Wade, you have presented some good stuff that has helped me to better understand who God is and who Jesus is and also about who the Elohim are. You have a lot of good historical material that you present too - just like with this particular question here.

And yes the site is in your good hands now. I'm sure that you will make it succeed in what you want it to be. I failed miserably at it, at the vision I had."

We all started work on this site with the same view, or so we thought. Perhaps it was too successful and that was why they began the campaign.

Shortly afterwards another site had been formed [Wade is referring to "Former WCG & COG Believers Now Embracing The Truth". A group started by the two now former Administrators of the group Wade took over.] and false and malicious statements began to appear there posted by the people allegedly in the group stated to be formed to attack the people on this site. Other false statements are being circulated on the anti-COG hate sites [We can only assume that Wade is referring to As Bereans Did, Exit and Support Network, and Living Armstrongism.] allegedly by these same people. They do not seem to understand the requirements of civil law.

Fortunately what goes on in the English speaking world generated from these US etc. hate groups has little influence outside of the gossips of the US and BC. The Antinomian hate groups work together promoting the same lies and we have closed a number of them down over time for malicious and criminal defamation. No doubt we will have to continue to do so.

Declared by me Wade Cox on 18 November 2010

As Bereans Dis is a grace-based polemics website dedicated to investigating Armstrongism. We stress the New Covenant which mainly consists of Faith, Hope, and Love. Wade calls that "lawless" and "hate," while he goes around saying that Hitler is a full blood Jew and that the Jews, Catholics, Protestants, and the Adventist groups will be made to bow before him and follow his version of religion or die. As Bereans Did prints our thoughts and opinions and invites anyone to comment who can manage a respectful sentence. We are good friends with Agnostics, Catholics, Protestants, and believe it or not even Armstrongists. We even give Wade Cox equal time to defend himself. Wade, on the other hand, shuts down chat groups and threatens to sue anyone who disagrees with him in order to silence his opposition - while he hypocritically makes the exact same sort of comments that he rails against and terms "defamation."
You decide which sounds like "hate." I leave that obvious decision in your capable hands, dear reader.

And now, in the interest of fairness, the rebuttals to the rebuttal.

Former WCG & COG Believers Now Embracing The Truth
Topic: I'm Sorry
Thursday, November 18, 2010
Wade took my comments out of context from a post that I had previously posted a day or two before. Here is my post in its entirety:

Yes, Wade, you have presented some good stuff that has helped me to better understand who God is and who Jesus is and also about who the Elohim are. You have a lot of good historical material that you present too - just like with this particular question here.
And yes the site is in your good hands now. I'm sure that you will make it succeed in what you want it to be. I failed miserably at it, at the vision I had.
But worse of all, I betrayed [Admin #2]'s trust in me and I let her down. I should have talked to her first but I didn't know what else to do and neither she nor I needed the problems. I felt the only way to deal with the problem was to just hand over complete control to you and so that is what I did. And I felt it was in mine and [Admin #2]'s best interest and I think it is all for the best.
I thank you for taking the time to answer my question here that you posted.
As far as me posting here anymore, my heart is no longer in it. I came to the different COG and former WCG FB groups looking for answers. Some of the answers I have found have been hard, not what I was wanting to hear. But the evidence speaks for itself. Where the path will lead, I don't know. And maybe I will never have all of the answers that I seek in this life time.

The day I turned the group over to Wade, I had received several messages from both him and Dana. Wade was threatening legal action because he said we had committed criminal conspiracy. I was informed that we would be sued. So I gave Wade the group to put an end to it all.
Did I make a mistake giving the group to Wade? It depends on how you look at it. For myself, no, it was not a mistake. I thought Wade had the 'truth'. I was coming dangerously close to getting mixed up with Wade's group. But there have been things that I was seeing that I questioned. But I think it took all of what has happened to make me see what they are all about.
I have been told that CCG is not much of a church at all but just someone who writes a lot of technical papers. I can't confirm this. But what I will say, based on my experience and everything that has happened, Wade's group is not one that I would chose to get involved with.

Yes, I did believe Wade had the 'truth'. I do believe he knows a lot and he knows a lot about historical information.
But because someone knows a lot and may have a lot of answers to questions, does not make a person right or make this person have the 'truth'.
I had to learn the hard way but I don't think Wade is God's one and only true church. And even though this was a hard, painful way to have to learn something, I'm glad that God got my attention.
I did say all of that. As I previously stated, I think Wade knows a lot. And he had answered some of my questions.
And when I told Wade the site was in good hands, I said it was in his good hands now. It was irony and at the same time I felt like I had failed. I did fail.
I made a mistake believing Wade had the 'truth'. I was wrong. I can't undo believing Wade and believing that God was using him. I can only go forward now.

Former WCG & COG Believers Now Embracing The Truth
Topic: I'm Sorry
Thursday, November 18, 2010
To all:

Since Wade is freely posting in public "his" version of what happened, I feel free to post his letter to us. Here is the truth. 
[The following is a letter sent from Wade Cox to Admin #2 Date Mon, 15 Nov 2010 11:13:59 +1100. I want to note that this more than corroborates what we quoted and commented upon in the previous post in this series. This is the letter we received anonymously; a word for word match.]
[Admin #2] and [Admin #1], 
This matter is very serious.
[Admin #2], what you and [Admin #1] have allowed to happen, and which you, [Admin #2], deliberately encouraged and participated in, was a breach of an agreement and understanding. That was that we would participate and assist you on this site provided these WCG Survivor people and the ringleaders of the scandalous behaviour there and specifically [Group Member #2], [Group Member #4], [Group Member #3] and these others you allowed on this site from the WCG Survivors site were not permitted access. As I understand it now, you [Admin #2] specifically went against our implicit understanding and actually invited them on and seemingly for the purpose of attacking CCG and me in particular.
The fact that [Admin #1] has handed the admin over to you does not negate her undertaking on the commencement of this site. Nor does it negate her legal position regarding the site.
What you have effectively done is to enter into a Conspiracy to commit Criminal Defamation against CCG and its people with at least two people namely [Group Member #1] and [Group Member #2] to defame and attack CCG as some sort of cult and to attack our people and me in particular. [Notice here that Wade makes a definite statement of fact not opinion, which is indeed false (the Group Members who read this letter have denied the accusation), the false statements of fact were about specific people (I have removed their names here, but they are named in the original), and this letter was sent to a third party - Admin #2 - and it appears fairly apparent that the statements were made with the intent of doing harm to these three people's reputations. This could very well qualify as genuine and actionable libel.] You have used the Former Worldwide Church of God and Other COG and Offshoots site (the site) to conduct the campaign, which is jointly run by [Admin #1] and yourself. The fact that [Admin #1] is now taking a lesser position does not negate the liability that you have placed her in. We of necessity are obliged to take action against you for what has been done there if it is not corrected immediately. What you have done to [Admin #1] is a very serious matter and she has a legal liability to join you should this matter proceed.
[Group Member #2] has publicly declared that you [Admin #2] and [Group Member #1] and He ([Group Member #2]) are acting in concert (against the CCG as a professed cult). [Cult - "a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader." (Definition #6 from "cult".)] Indeed it appears to some that you may well have conspired to do this from the very beginning and if that is the case then the conspiracy is even more serious and extensive than it will be tried to be argued. Indeed when Ewart Cox wrote to [Admin #1] expressing dismay over [Group Member #1], she was making comments again on the site using his words to you within hours, indicating to him that you were encouraging them by simply passing on the correspondence, which you had no permission to do and which was a breach of the privacy legislation. [There is no reasonable expectation of privacy on Facebook.]
The simplest way to deal with the problem and get [Admin #1] free of the problem is to completely shut down the site forthwith and limit the damage. The very least we will accept is to remove all posts and threads by us completely; and any reference to us and any member or person in CCG or to CCG completely in any post or thread.
If you persists with the campaign we have no choice but to take action against the administrators of the site, both you and [Admin #1] and Face Book and [Group Member #1] and [Group Member #2]. Every additional defamation will simply add to the liability you face in running the site. Surely you can see what you have done in this regard. We understand [Admin #1] has been ill and we have prayed for her. However, that does not excuse you [Admin #2] and nor does it limit the liability of either of you. That you would be so foolish, after the treatment you received at the hands of these people, to engage in such a conspiracy with them against other people, who were helping you and lawfully registered and lawfully and responsibly operating within a number of nations under proper audit and government control, is inconceivable. You actually appear to have contacted these people to bring them on to the site for this very purpose.
That you both had made statements to me, and especially you [Admin #1] that you did not believe what these people were saying and then simply assisted them to conduct this campaign of what appears to be a Criminal Conspiracy is astounding. At the very least you took no responsible control of what was a public site operated by you. I can only conclude that you do not understand the implications of what has been done using you and the site as the vehicle and the very serious legal position you are both now in.
We are not prepared to simply sit there while these people conduct a campaign of public defamation and hate against us. Surely you can understand that simple fact.
Wade Cox
[End of letter from Wade to Admin #2. Continue with comments from Admin #2.] 
We all have a right to believe what we choose to without having a person or group constantly harrassing us, following us around the Internet making demands.
If this other group's motive is to "save" us, do they really think bullying us is the way?
If their motive is to gain control of yet "another" religious view site, then that is not going to happen.

There you have it. Verbatim. Unedited (except to remove names). Minimal editorial.
Now you have what you need to make up your mind. And that, dear reader, is going to have to suffice for being the end of the matter. We have reported enough for you to be informed about the goings on in the greater sphere of Armstrongism. We are dropping the subject. The rest is up to you.

On a side note, I understand through the uncorroborated grapevine that people around the globe are seeing Wade's attitude on Facebook and are opting to exit his church. ABD denies playing any part in that, but we welcome the news. In our honest opinion, if there is any (to put it in a phrase we think Wade Cox would use) "damage" to Wade's reputation or the reputation of the organization he represents, he has only himself to blame. The rumors state that people are leaving because of what they see from Wade Cox, not from what they see from others about Wade Cox.

Wade may desire to lash out at others, but that won't solve what clearly is a pattern of his own creating. We recommend Wade turn to God in humility and surrender, and pray for His undeserved grace and mercy, and that he step into the New Covenant in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. There he will find peace!

It is important that you understand; Everything on this blog is based on the current understanding of each author. Never take anyone's word for it, always prove it for yourself, it is your responsibility. You cannot ride someone else's coattail into the Kingdom. ; ) Acts 17:11


Anonymous said...

"...while he goes around saying that Hitler is a full blood Jew..."


Seriously. I got nothin'.

Anyway, this may just be the ongoing fallout from his disastrous attempts to deny/remove the Third Resurrection from Armstrongist theology, and to try and usher in born-againism (which went over about as well as could be expected, i.e., like a ton of bricks).

Hearsay has it "the Canadian operations" of CCG is down to single-digit numbers....Again, like yours, uncorroborated, but I certainly find it plausible, given everything that's been going on in the group, in the last couple years. If nothing else his group is getting smaller by attrition. But, then, so are they all. Even the mothership, the not-very-transformed-at-all WCG/GCI....

Heidi Korthuis said...

This has been floating around on several websites.