Saturday, July 12, 2008

Is There Love in Armstronism?

Armstrongite: anyone who follows the teachings of Armstrong (Ron Weinland teaches Armstronism).

For those of you who live with an Armstronite; How is that for you? Are you lucky? Is that person kind, loving, compassionate, forgiving, understanding, gentle, sweet, patient, do you love being around them? Do they make you want what they have?
Or do you feel sad, stressed, worried, concerned, scared or fearful, isolated and alone, like an outsider, angry, unloved, un-special, un-called of God?

2008 GFW, p.18
"...for Almighty God is a God of love. He is compassionate and full of mercy toward those who seek His ways. All other ways cause suffering, pain and oppression in life."

I agree, God is a God of love, but that's not the God Armstrongism dished out.The ACoG's cause the suffering, pain and oppression in life. Because the harshness of the Old Covenant creates harsh people.
Hopefully, you are a lucky one, and live with a wonderful Armstrongite who brings joy to your life. I hope so.


Richard said...

This is partly why I'm on a "leave of absence" from UCG right now.

The congregation I attended in recent years teaches love, all right -- but love = commandment-keeping, based on I John 5:3.

That's the only definition which seemed to be preached. And that seems too extreme, from a full-Bible viewpoint.

Seeker Of Truth said...


I agree, and that verse continues with; "And his commands are not burdensome"

So I guess it's not a burden when you lose your job because you took a week off for the FOT, which is the case for many.

For those of you CoG-PKG members who lost your job to keep the last Feast of Tabernacles, how was that for you? Burden free? Didn't think so. Are you still looking for steady work?

Does that make you think?
Because were not under that law. Christ fulfilled it.

Anonymous said...

Never mind the FoT, I've heard from family and friends of PKG members who lost their jobs because of the weekly burden of Friday/Saturday.