About ABD

A Warm Welcome and God’s blessings to You, dear Reader!

Welcome to the As Bereans Did blog. This blog was started by Seeker of Truth in April, 2008. On February 7, 2011, we shut it down. At that time we hoped it wouldn’t be the last project for our team. On March 8, 2013, we reopened the doors with new writers. Now the team may change, but the original purpose remains.

We are a small group of people who have each left the religious system that we refer to as “Armstrongism” (for lack of a better word).
Herbert W Armstrong was “the founder, Pastor General, and spiritual and temporal leader” of the Radio Church of God which later changed its name to the Worldwide Church of God. When the Worldwide Church of God left its legalist history for grace, and changed its name to Grace Communion International, thousands left and formed “splinter” churches. Some of the more prominent splinter groups include the United Church of God, the Philadelphia Church of God, the Living Church of God, and the Restored Church of God. There are hundreds more. Many newer members of these churches have no idea who Herbert Armstrong was or that Armstrongism is a branch of Ellen G White’s Seventh Day Adventist movement.

The purpose of this blog can be summed up in two points:
  1. To challenge the doctrinal and historical fallacies promoted by Herbert Armstrong, the Worldwide Church of God, and the splinter groups that remain today. 
  2. To reach out to and support those who are questioning or contemplating leaving these splinter groups.
Here, read this post. It spells things out nicely: "On A Personal Note: Why We're Here"

As Bereans Did was originally an outlet for our confusion and curiosity. We were just as lost and confused as anyone else whose world view was just turned upside down, so we decided to write about it as a way to order our thoughts.
ABD is a journey. It became a search for the truth, and an outreach to others like us. The views of Armstrongism, we were surprised to discover, were not only incorrect but sometimes willfully and deceitfully so. They sure aren't going to tell you that. We thought someone should. We want to help people to discern the truth from fiction and to help them step out of the Armstrong system into the New Covenant in the finished work of Jesus Christ. After all, one of the deepest themes in the Bible is one of slaves being set free.

For those in search of truth, and those leaving Legalism in search of truth:
"Truth without love is brutality; love without truth is hypocrisy."
–Warren Wiersbe
Beloved of God, do not simply believe everything, but test the spirits; prove things for our self. Investigate. Drill down. We cannot ride someone else's coattails into the Kingdom.

(Acts 17:11) [NIV]
'Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.'

Our goal is to help others understand & receive the Grace & Freedom that is in the New Covenant through Christ Jesus our Lord & Savior. 


We welcome your questions and comments. It’s wonderful and refreshing to hear different views on Biblical matters from fellow believers in Christ.

If a debate should result, we ask you for patience and temperance. A debate in a spirit of seeking truth, and not of competition & self-aggrandizement, is desirable for stimulating thought and is a good resource for individuals in coming to their own conclusions. 
(However, due to past experiences that left a bad taste in our mouths, we will not debate the existence or non-existence of God).

A healthy debate is not an argument. If each view point were identical, there would be little point. We will write as if we are certain that our beliefs are true, since to say otherwise would be an inaccurate representation of ourselves, but that doesn't mean we're always right. Just keep in mind that everything is based on the current understanding of each author. We expect nothing of you that we don’t ask of ourselves; so we expect that you, the reader, must research with more than just the scriptures and notes we provide. With God's guidance, prove for yourself.

The reader should be confident of being afforded a forum for civil faith-based discussion and a place to present their opinions and evidences so that everyone involved might increase in understanding.

May God bless you in your quest for His truth!