About Seeker

I grew up in the Worldwide Church of God. I'm luckier than some because as a kid I didn't always pay attention. As an adult, over the years, there were various gaps in my attendance that lasted a few years at a time. So a lot of stuff didn't make it into my head.

Then my Mother discovered Ronald Weinland. Shortly after, I started listening & attended the 2005 FOT with her, where he stated that Jesus was created! I wanted to get up & walk out! But I didn't. Later that evening back at our motel, I was dumbfounded to hear my Mother say that it made sense to her!

Once back home, I continued to listen to RW for a few more months & began investigating statements he made, that contradicted the Bible. There were so many of them & they are so easily disproved.

I began to get very angry with him, because not only was my Mother a member of his church, but a brother, also. Then my other brother started to wonder about RW too. We spent many hours on the phone, many times. But in the end, I lost out to, "How can Mom be wrong? She's MOM. She's the one we always went to for Bible answer's!"

I had said the same thing to myself, sometime back when I finally had come to my conclusions.

I prayed to God. I said, "God, I don't care what the truth is! I have no preference! If we're to keep Holy Days and Sabbaths, no problem, I'll do it! If we're NOT to keep them, no problem! I don't care! I only want to please YOU! Please, have mercy on me. Show me Your truth."

And boy, did He. For ten months I hid out in my bedroom with my Bible, studying. And when it was all over, I had stepped in to the New Covenant. I had asked myself,  how can I be right & my Mom be wrong? How is that possible?!  So I understood my brother asking the same question. But I knew God had opened my eyes.

There were SO many things I had read a zillion times, & had no idea what I was reading. I remember  reading them, & either thinking I understood, or had some idea of what was being said. But in reality, I had no idea!

It's kind of like when you're a teen and you think you know everything & you know your parents are clueless & out of touch & have no idea what they're talking about. Then you become an adult, & look back on those years, & see how absolutely clueless YOU  were.

That's what it was like during that ten months in my room with my Bible. I was reading stuff I had read, as I said, a zillion times, but things were so clear now. I could see myself in the past reading those verses as if I had a veil over my eyes! Hearing, but not hearing. Seeing, but not seeing! Praise God!

I couldn't take any more of RW's lies. I couldn't handle my family believing his lies! I was getting SO angry. I decided his lies had to exposed. That was the birth of ABD!

Many of my early articles were filled with anger. Some, I've gone over and softened... others still need it. But I'm no longer angry at Ron Weinland.

I believe one is an anti-Christ by teaching that Jesus was created... another lie so easily disproved. He continues to trap people in the 'lie' of the Old Covenant, & as those of us who have come to the NC know, we never really knew Jesus.... we didn't have a relationship with Jesus, until we came to the NC. You can't, if you're locked into the OC lie. It's not about struggling & working hard! It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free from the slavery of the OC, (Gal. 5:1).

I've met some great people along the way, & some have joined me here, & made ABD their home. And what a blessing it has been for ABD.

We so, long to share God's truth and help those coming out of Armstrongism and OC churches. And let me tell you... we are SO encouraged when our readers let us know that we have been useful in doing so! Thank you for that. We DO love it when people are released & helped by ABD.

I've since graduated from the debates, I guess you could say, & advanced to the joy of Grace & growing as a person. I have been on a journey of growth with the help of some very excellent books & the Lord's guidance! I'm loving my new life & the new me that I'm developing into. It can be a little scary at times but, one has to trust that God is beside you... guiding you. I'm trusting Him.
God bless you all in your quest for His truth, & may you, too, find the joy of God's unfailing Grace & find yourself on a journey to a new you, through the loving guidance of God!


"Seeker of Truth" passed away far too young on November 26, 2023. She finished her race in faith.