Friday, April 25, 2008

The "All Convincing" Earthquakes

Have you decided that the earthquake Ron mentioned is "proof" that he is a prophet?

If you have, I don't understand. Has it been on the news? Are they talking about an anomalous earthquake that has the experts confused and concerned? Interestingly, no.

But I have something interesting for you.

Do you have the Firefox internet browser? Might I suggest you download it?

Once you have installed and opened it up, go to Firefox Add-Ons and instal the eQuake Alert. What this will do, is place an alert at the bottom of your browser that will alert you every time there is an earthquake somewhere in the world, and let you know where. You can also right click on it for more info.

Yes folks, they go on all the time. I've had this since '06, and my browser is regularly shaking, (an option you can disable if you prefer yours not to), the quakes run around Magnitude 2.*-5.* and the occasional 6.*. There is nothing new going on as Ron would have you believe.

If anything, I guess you could use it to watch for "The Big One."

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Glen Erickson said...

I checked out
And the one week earthquake log listed a whole lot of earthquakes. For the first week of the "Great Tribulation" funny how God neglected to send "Ephraim and Manasseh" a reasonable sized shaker. In fact I counted six 6.0+ quakes, and far away in Indonesia, or the Mid-Atlantic Ridge etc.