Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let My People Go!

Ron, you've backed yourself into a corner. It's time to walk away. Maybe you believed it all. maybe you're having doubts now. Maybe your confused, wondering what's going on, and you're resolved to stand your ground. You wanna hang in there, (you know; sit at the bus stop hours after they've all come and gone waiting for that person who isn't coming. But staying longer won't make them show).

It's not going to happen Ron. Your prophesies were not from God. You were wrong; your not God's prophet. It's time to step down and let the people go.
You are only wreaking havoc. The old law makes mean men. Not loving ones.

If you knew God, you'd understand what a covenant is. You'd understand that it's a contract. You'd understand that just because one contract is similar to the other, it doesn't make them one and the same. You'd understand that the Mt. Sinai contract was given to Israel because they were too obstinate to listen to God and He thus 'laid down the law'! You'd understand that you don't need an external law when you have an internal law that governs you. You'd understand that was the case with Abraham; he had an internal law, he didn't need the yoke and whip. Israel did! They couldn't govern themselves.

It's all about LOVE Ron! Love. But Armstrongists can't understand that.
You'd understand that by keeping the old law you alienate yourself from Jesus! You don't think you're keeping the old law, but you are. Contracts can't be modified and you know that Paul points that out. Your not keeping a modified law Ron, your keeping the old one, and that alienates you from Christ Jesus because, as you well know, if you keep the old law you must keep it in it's entirety, flawlessly. And since that's impossible you will lose your place as Bride of Christ.

Repent and seek God's truth, the
real truth. Understand that you have been guiding people into alienation from Christ. We all know what God has to say about people who mislead His people. You don't want to be that person. Let the people go. Let my 3 family members go. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourself be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Free the captives. Set yourself free Ron. Free your family from the old law. Repent and let the people go. Loyalty should be to God, but it's to you.

Ron, I don't even wish curses on you, no slow death, no speedy death, no flames from the pit. Only repentance.
It's time to step down.


Anonymous said...

If this man is willfully soliciting payment for a service eg.Baptism that in it self should be a warning with respect to credability...Rather than blog,those that feel they have been unduely pressured to give money should file a formal complaint and challenge his priviledge of tax exemption....

Seeker Of Truth said...

Anonymous (9:13 posting)

You're right. And the failed prophesies should be a warning as well, but they're not.

The members are the ones who'd need to file a complaint, but they don't believe they're being taken for a ride.
As for those who've left Ron's church; Attorney's cost money. A lot of money.

My guess is none of them are doing too well financially, in the first place, or after mortgaging their homes or cashing out 401K's to come up with the tens of thousands of dollars given - probably thinking they wouldn't need to worry about a financial future.