Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Columnist at Christian Odyssey

Does this upset anyone else?
Christian Odyssey is the magazine put out by Grace Communion International (formerly Worldwide Church of God). In an editorial by John Halford, in the Feb-March 2010 edition, page 4, he announces new columnists. One of these is none other than Tammy Tkach!! Here's what it says:

"Tammy Tkach (page 19) is married to Grace Communion international's Pastor general, Joseph Tkach, and a popular writer and conference speaker."

Nepotism, much? Tell me that out of all of the potential writers, she got this position without any consideration to her relation to Joe Tkach Jr. whatsoever.

I honestly don't know why there is a reference to page 19. On Page 19 is an article by Nan Kuhlman. But whatever.

It's such a small thing that Joe Jr' s wife would write for the magazine, but it annoys me for some reason.
I wish her success?


Steve said...

Did you think there would have been a possibility that Tammie WOULDN'T have been picked?

Steve K.

Anonymous said...

That's....real special....