Friday, April 22, 2016

World Vision Honors LCG Contract; Will Host Seminar

World Vision Canada will honor its existing contract with the Living Church of God and host its "Tomorrow's World" seminar as scheduled on June 4.

Earlier this week, As Bereans Did learned that World Vision Canada had rescheduled LCG's seminar. Originally, LCG planned to host its "Tomorrow's World" seminar on May 14.  But that date was cancelled after concerned ex-Armstrongists contacted the humanitarian organization with concerns that the cult may have misled World Vision about its history and ties to Herbert Armstrong's doctrines.

 At that time, World Vision said they planned to review their rental policies to make sure they weren't allowing groups that went against the ministry's mission and values. They confirmed today that the review was in process; but that it was in its early stages and would take time to complete.

"Until a resolution on our policy is reached, any Licensee agreements that we already have in place will be honoured as per the terms of their current contractual agreement," World Vision Canada told ABD today.

We wish that World Vision had stuck to its guns when it first cancelled the cult's seminar due to a "planned building cleaning" on May 14. But we understand that a contract is a contract, and that LCG's laywers are already working overtime thanks to the Scarborough lawsuit against the cult. What's a breech-of-contract filing when you're already dealing with a mess like that?

This isn't the first time LCG has hidden in the skirts of evangelical World Vision to lure in unsuspecting prospects. But we hope it will be the last.

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Acts 17:11

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James said...

I remember back in 2006 The Living Church of God/Tomorrow's World basically did the same thing to INSP Network. I sent a four page email to the CEO, Mr David Cerullo outlining many of the unbiblical---unorthodox teachings of Roderick Meredith. Tomorrow's World was cancelled from INSP in February 2007. INSP also cancelled another Armstrong off-shoots program "Armour of God", produced by The Church of God International. This organization has also confused/dupe many Christians.

Also, beware of Ronald L. Dart's program "Born To Win" Dart is a former Baptist, studied at a Christian college to prepare for the Christian ministry He left the school ,and joined Herbert W. Armstrong in 1958. He left Herbert in 1978, and became vice president of The Church of God International, from 1978-1995, at which time he founded Christian Educational Ministries. It is very difficult to know when listening to Dart's "Born To Win" radio program that his teachings are very different from evangelical Christianity. It is not until one really looks into the doctrinal teachings of Dart that the real story is told. Often, Dart presents his teachings so skillfully, that the person is sold on his teachings/beliefs before he or she realizes it. He introduces is unorthodox--unbiblical teachings in his literature, tapes, Bible Correspondence Courses, and other Armstrong off-shoot sites.