Friday, May 24, 2024

What Will It Take?

Hello, dear reader. Today, I would like to do a short fireside chat. You see, one cannot read the articles at Banned and not get the impression that this has all happened before. (Because it has.) And I have something on my mind. I am wondering how long you intend to let this go on in your life?

You have leaders of almost every COG splinter group out there acting as a reincarnation of Herbert Armstrong. This guy over here wants to recreate the old Worldwide Church of God. That guy over there is on his 503rd sermon about how Jesus will return next month, for real this time. Half of them say they are the end-time [insert Old Testament title here]. The other half you can practically see the dollar signs where their pupils ought to be. And here we are, those of us still in the former COG blogosphere, writing practically the same articles over and over to cover it all.

Since As Bereans Did started in 2008, we have written countless articles detailing this theater of the absurd that we call Armstrongism and, frankly, it's getting tiresome.

How many times do you have to be lied to, fleeced, stepped on, and taken for a fool before you say "enough already"? How many times will Jesus not return next month before you say, "Huh, maybe this guy isn't a prophet after all, and I might do well to question other things he says,"? A 504th sermon? A 900th? How many more duplications of Ambassador College or the Plain Truth magazine or the World Tomorrow television program will it take before you say, "Huh, maybe that wasn't the best use of millions of dollars the first time, even less so now, and I might do well to question if this organization is really being led by the Spirit,"? How many self-aggrandizing leaders need to rise up, with their petty in-fighting and their posturing, before you say, "Huh, these people aren't any different than that Herbert Armstrong guy, and none of this looks like what I see in the New Testament,"?

I know a man who is going into the ministry right now. He has witnessed this same song and dance his entire life and still he is choosing to go into the ministry. He looked around at all this and said, "Huh, I want to be a part of that."


If you're staying because of the Sabbath, I've written articles since day 1 recommending you try it over at the Church of God - Seventh Day. See for yourself that they aren't like this. They did the right thing and fired Herbert Armstrong in the 1930s. Here we are almost 100 years later and many still haven't learned that one simple lesson.

What became of these men? What became of Herbert Armstrong, Garner Ted Armstrong, Rod Meredith, Gerald Waterhouse, Herman Hoeh, Gerald Flurry, Ron Weinland, Dave Pack, etc etc etc etc? Did their work pass through the fire or did it burn up? Do you suppose those wells gave fresh water or bitter?

I know this sounds like I'm coming down on you. That isn't my intention at all. This is just a hard topic.

I want you to take an inventory of the past 100 years, an honest inventory, and ask if these are the fingerprints of Jesus you see. Was it Christ who got the prophecies wrong so many, many times? Was it Christ who caused church leaders to struggle for power and influence? Was it Christ causing these men to say "I am Elijah", "I am the Inkhorn", "I am the Two Witnesses"? Was it Christ who caused so many divisions? Was it Christ who misrepresented the facts of history and scripture over and over again? Was it Christ who ruined families financially?

Or maybe was it not Christ at all. Maybe, just maybe, is Jesus Christ to be found elsewhere?

Just ponder that to yourself for a while. Honestly ponder.
If those aren't the fingerprints of Jesus, I think it is fair of you to ask yourself, "What will it take to get my love of God to overcome my fear of men?"

What would it take to get me to finally leave?


It is important that you understand; Everything on this blog is based on the current understanding of each author. Never take anyone's word for it, always prove it for yourself, it is your responsibility. You cannot ride someone else's coattail into the Kingdom. ; )

Acts 17:11



Miller Jones/Lonnie C Hendrix said...

Unfortunately, for many, there is NOTHING that would dislodge them from this failed theology. It's an exercise in circular reasoning. They've arrived at destination TRUTH, so all proving things or reasoning things out is at an end!

xHWA said...

Sadly, I think you're absolutely right.

Henrik V Blunck said...

Spot on, and I have thought exactly the same numnerous times. It is in many ways so tragic that some have been very faithful in studying, but they studied in vain because when everything changed, they never stood up for anything.

It explains why there are only few people left who write about this, but I do want to send a big thumbs up, and great thanks for inspiring your readers.

xHWA said...

Henrik! My good friend. It has been a while. It is very good to hear from you.
Thank you so much for the kind words.
We are still at it here. There was just a little more to say. Seeker passing away was a hard hit, but I felt she would want us to finish the job. There was just a little more to say.
God bless you my friend, and all the best to you!

RhodyRay said...

Are these groups still going? Most of them have abandoned social media. Most of them are very small and congregations are tiny in comparison to what the WCG was 40 or 50 years ago. But as someone who left the cult at age 13, I've been dealing with the after effects my entire life. It's not something you can just "get over", so it should come as no surprise that those who actually cling to the WCG heresies will do whatever they think they can to keep the movement alive one way or another. It's very sad, what they really need is right in front of them. All they have to do is put down the "literature" and open the New Testament. Thank you for keeping this blog going.

xHWA said...

Or is it ... illiterature?
Thanks for reading, CS.