Sunday, May 25, 2008

Great Post from "J" of Shadows of WCG

"J" of Shadows of WCG talks about the divided house of Armstrong in the post; Every Kingdom Divided. Here's a peek:

"...If God was in Armstrongism, there would be unity of ALL the splinters. If God was in Armstrongism, there would be ONE Feast of Tabernacles under ONE roof, and under ONE Leader, under the same government. But the fact that nobody is willing to get together in Armstrongism and have one leader in one government - the fact that there is complete inability to manage their own little kingdoms - the fact that they can never get together, each his own way, proves that Armstrongism is a JOKE.

If these leaders were serious about Armstrongism, if these leaders believed in what their mentor really said, then there would be ONE Apostle, ONE Government, ONE True Church, and ONE family. But they aren't serious at all. They're all, in my opinion, in it for themselves. Every one of them, trying to create their own little empire. Each one leaning on their own ways or their own understandings. All separated, all small, all with their own leader doing all their own thing. If they truly believed in Armstrongism, then they would be working hard in "repentance", sacrificing their own wills and egos and pride to go back to what they called "the faith once delivered" and revive what was. But they cannot. And they will not. And that is enough proof of the one conclusion:

God is NOT in Armstrongism. He has not been, and He is not now. He hasn't been there from the beginning. Every Kingdom is ruined, every house is not standing...."

Read the entire post: Every Kingdom Divided  Sorry, that blog was deleted.

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