Friday, May 2, 2008

Ron Weinland: Stammer, Stammer - Time-line Adjustments

Here we go again. Go check out Weinland Watch for transcripts, and a link to the download, of Ron's interview today on the Mike McConnell show.

First, it was February; The time of the Seven Thunders. Which were to be a "sobering witness to the validity that the final end-time now at hand and that God's end-time spokesman [where is the spokesman mentioned in the Bible?] for His TWO [2nd witness; Laura Weinland, who has not been witnessing but instead, quite SILENT] has come and he is indeed from God. The Seven Thunders WILL BE THE BEGINNING EVIDENCE that my words are true."
  • The 1st thunder was 9/11, [everyone knows what 9/11 is]
  • The 2nd was earthquakes; [see my post The All Convincing Earthquakes]
  • The 3rd was destructiveness from weather. [Could someone find me some scriptures that mention this prophesy? I can't find any, thanks.]
  • The 4th is global economic upheaval.
  • And the 5th is death; [this one Ron's own choosing!]
    1. First phase: Specific ministers were supposed to die, [still alive]. And the "method of this one last great chastening, that is for the purpose of helping to awaken some from the spiritual coma they are in, is one that God has left for me to determine as one of His end-time witnesses..."
    2. Second phase: Sudden escalation in the death of notable people in the world.
    3. Third phase: Deaths from epidemics and pandemics.
  • The 6th Thunder "is the growing revelation of God's end-time witnesses. The revelation is that I am the spokesman of God's two end-time prophets--the spokesman of His two end-time witnesses." [So why isn't Laura Weinland witnessing if she is one of the TWO witnesses? Did Ron invent the "Spokesman" so Laura wouldn't have to face the scrutinizing questions?]
  • And the 7th is the growing revelation of God to man.
Then it was April 17th when the final great tribulation was to start.
[Where is it? If the Thunders and the tribulation are for the purpose of waking people up, Why is it that the only ones who claim something is happening, are those who, supposedly, don't need to be "woke" up? I don't think Ron thought this through very well.]

And now, it's JULY?! [What? Wait for the nuke?] So, when July gets here, and nothing has happened, will it be; "Well, just wait till September 29, 2011. You'll see! People just want to see physical evidence, but God just doesn't work like that."
[So the world is being shaken to it's very foundation in order to wake people up but, the world doesn't see it because it's not a physical thing? How, then, is the world supposed to wake up!?]

I used to think the Weinlands believed all their bunk. But not anymore. I don't know, I could be wrong. For all I know Ron could be grasping at straws, wondering what's going on, doubting himself and wondering how he will face people if he was wrong about being a prophet from God. Or, he could be a con man, riding this train as far as it will take him.

This is really getting tiresome. Not that we weren't expecting Ron to do exactly what he's doing. I just wish he would step down and release the captives. It's not the "End Of The World" stuff, so to speak, that bothers me. It's the false teachings! The things I battle here, on this blog, hoping to help you find God's truth by encouraging you to dig deep for it. To not let a person come between you and God!

When Jesus died on the cross to pay the debt WE owed, the curtain in the temple was torn, the curtain that blocked the Holy of Holies, so that we can confidently go before God ourselves! A priest is no longer needed to stand between us and God, to go before Him on our behalf. WE can go before Him ourselves.I hope to help those who are burdened by the yoke of slavery, and help them to find the freedom Jesus provided in the new contract (covenant). I hope to help people understand what Paul is talking about in Galatians, my favorite book.

You know I grew up with the old contract, the whole time unaware of the yoke we put on our own necks.If you don't see or understand what I'm talking about, I really hope you will read God's Law...Some Points from jdposey Because I believe the reason people have such difficulty with the Old & New Covenant issue is because two things are not understood:

1.Exactly what a covenant is. Do you know what a covenant is? It is a contract.

People make contracts with other people all the time, and they are in force for as long as the contract states. Because there may be similarities between different contracts, does not make them the same contract. And just because someone has a contract with your Dad, doesn't mean they have a contract with you.

2. Understanding what is meant by 'law'.

There isn't just one law of God. He has had many laws with many people. What ever He says to do is law. But what He tells/commands one person to do doesn't mean you are to do it too, unless you are told to do so. Abraham had no Mount Sinai law. He was regarded as righteous by his faith.

The Israelites were continually rebellious, and like any parent does with their rebellious children, He 'laid down the law'. God gave them that contract because despite what He said to them, they were obstinate!

Jesus kept that law because it was still in effect. It would be in effect until He paid our debt, and by doing so afforded us His righteousness.
The curtain being torn in the temple was opening the way to the Father so that we can go before Him with confidence. Confident, because we had, by Jesus' blood, received His righteousness in us.

That was the reason He came, and just before He died, He said 'It is finished'. The previous contract was no longer in effect. It served it's purpose. The new and better contract was now in effect.The old was an external law-enforced.The new is an internal law.

If you read that other post, God's Law...A Must Read!, you'll see the example of two siblings;

One who comes home at an inappropriate time-and is given an external law - a curfew.The other, who comes home at an appropriate time, is not given a curfew (external law), because the child has an internal law, and knows it's inappropriate to come home at 3 AM. So why give a curfew (external law) to a child who has an internal law?

The Israelites were given an external law because they couldn't refrain from things they knew were wrong.

Am I rambling? Sorry.

It's just such a huge thing. And when you choose the yoke of the external law/old contract, you are saying you will be responsible for your salvation, like what Jesus did for us wasn't enough! You are required to keep the law in it's entirety, flawlessly, and that is impossible. Which means you can't be found righteous.

You have to accept Jesus' offer to pay your debt, and by that payment be found righteous by His blood! Do you understand? I really hope so.If you need more, ask. There is an e-mail link in the side panel on the right.This is why I'm so upset with Ron Weinland! He is robbing people of their place in the Kingdom!
Because by choosing the old contract you alienate yourself from Christ, Gal. 5:4. I recommend you also read Works Vs Faith, and Do We Need To Be Taught By Others. You can also find these in the side panel on the right.

So, go back to the "2008 God's Final Witness" book. Look carefully at what he states! He has backed himself into a corner and the only thing left for him to do is; stammer, stammer, back-peddle, for as long as the people will 'buy' it.


Anonymous said...

"Jesus kept that law because it was still in effect. It would be in effect until He paid our debt, and by doing so afforded us His righteousness."

It was not "our" debt unless we were parties to that covenant law.

Jesus death demonstrated God's justice served in regards to all sin, including those who sinned under that law, given as a standard to Israel in regards to God's justice.

Bill Hohmann

Seeker Of Truth said...

Bill H.,

You say; "It was not 'our' debt unless we were parties to that covenant law."

Sin is sin. The penalty for sin is death.(Ro.6:23)
All sin, regardless of what contract one is subject to.
For as in Adam all die...(1Co.15:22).
The people of Sodom were killed for sin (Ge.18:20).
But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door;(Ge.4:6). Sin has been, since Adam.
It IS our debt, whether someone pays it for you or not. -If you get a speeding ticket and your friend pays it for you, it is still YOUR debt that is being paid. If Jesus died for YOUR sins, He is paying the debt that YOU incurred.

You said: "Jesus' death demonstrated..."

Debts are not paid for those who reject God. Not for the unrepentant. One must repent and take part in the contract, ONLY then is ones debt paid.
What is that pit of fire for if EVERYONE receives eternal life?
There is NO eternal life in the pit.
The wages of sin are death.
The is a 2nd DEATH; death of the soul (Re.20:6).

I cover this more in your second comment for "Can God Die."