Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sick, Sick Minds

5/25/08 sermon

"HWA is dead! People have such hatred for him. He died over 20 years ago. Move on. Do you get joy from this? People are willing to believe what they read on the internet from people they don't even know! Sick, sick minds."

Yes, Herbert is dead, but his work is STILL being carried on by his disciples. The damage is still here. Lives have been destroyed. Some of us don't even KNOW what normal is, because WCG was a sick, sick, twisted, organization that twisted and brainwashed the minds of adults and the developing minds of children.

The people doing the talking, are those who lived it. They were part of the WCG and/or one or more splinter groups. Personal experience.

It doesn't matter what you say Ron. The FACTS REMAIN:
You are a false teacher, a false prophet.



go pick up your interlinear.
Go to 1 Tim 6:13. Read it Ron. READ IT! What does it say?

May God have mercy on YOU, Ron.


Anonymous said...

Hee Hee.

Was that actually what the sermon was about?

I was hoping we'd ge to him. Sounds like we have ;-)


Seeker Of Truth said...

He was making excuses for the timing of his prophesies and berating the nay-sayers, even "goading the critics out there." And yes, the stuff in my post.

Weinland Watch said...

Apparently we got quite a few (dis)honourable mentions in today's diatribe (didn't hear it myself).

"Some of us don't even KNOW what NORMAL is!"

Me too. In spades, me too.

"Normal is a setting on the dryer."

Saw that in someone's .sig. Think it was on Shadows. But yeah. The damage is still here. We are in the process, I think, of repairing it slowly. It may be a job done with duct tape and baling wire. Nevertheless.

We are making an impact against the church. "w" managed to get someone out. There were only six baptisms last week. The WW blog is averaging 20 hits a day from the Wikipedia page on the church.

We are here. We lived through this once already. And nothing Weinland, his pet evangelists, or even Tkach, can say, is ever, ever going to make us back away from telling the truth.

No matter how hard the truth is to bear.

Seeker Of Truth said...

Ron likes to make us out to be crazies with no life to his congregation, and they will buy it as long as they obey him and don't go looking.

Anonymous said...

seeker, that works fine, except the reason he is putting those sermons out there is to try to attract others. By drawing attention to his "enemies", he's coming off as unbalanced and giving our message exposure that it wouldn't otherwise have.

It's a tactical error, and a pretty grave one at that.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

Yes, HWA died 22 years ago. Yet he still from the grave has such a perverse influence over people. Ron Weinland to an extreme, and others such as my family to a lesser extreme but still too much.

If there is a God and Herbie's interpretations are true, he will take the long wake on the short plank into everlasting fire in the 3rd resurrection.