Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weinland Berates Perverted, Distorted Minds of Bloggers et al.

More from 5/24/08 un-sermon;

"...So, again, this is all quite specific and if I am God's prophet then he's going to make it clear. That's where it stands. The timing has and always will be in the hands and control of Almighty God. That's where our lives are. If it turns out I'm not a prophet, I will simply have to place myself before the mercy seat of God, as I have said, and seek repentance and understanding. But I do want to say something else, and more for the critics and just...and kind of goad them a little bit, some of the mockers, different ones out there; No matter what happens, the Church of God PKG will continue on, whether I'm a prophet or not. Johnny and Wayne will be real busy, but hey (wheeze ha ha ha ha)".......
About a year or two ago he was looking on the net "and was dumbfounded at the hatred, and the depth of hatred, people had for Mr. Armstrong, and I thought; 'he died in 1986' and people out there were still so filled with hatred... it blew my mind, that after being dead that long, that it's still out there, so pervasive, page after page on the internet....Oh man! I can't believe the hatred thats out there, the twisting and the distorting. And, uh, I understand why he didn't address certain things now. What's the point? What is the point of addressing the accusers of things they say and twist and distort.
And a lot of you, over the past few weeks, you've had things said about you, and distortions made. I think it wasn't too long ago, there was some stuff out there about Johnny. It was...all of it...I don't want to say what it was, uh, like to say what it was, but I'll hold myself back...twisting and distorting things and, and people so often, they know full well that they're BIG FAT LIARS! They truly do. They know they're making up a bunch of ...BULL! and stories about people.
Amazing what people will go to because they hate something so much. A truly, satanic, demonic mind. They even work in human beings, that will lie like it does. And they were trying to find things on Wayne but they just couldn't find other names that were close to his in Australia I guess, enough to malign him too much, but they made certain accusations. You know, attacks are made on some of you on the's happened to some of you. Some of you have experienced those things...of the depth that people will go to..because they so hate something. They don't even know why they're stirred up sometimes, to hate, and to be embittered to the degree they are.
" [How about destroyed lives? Lives that never had a chance to get off the ground?] "You ought to be in awe of that spirit, and that mind...That it could go that far, that it can be that evil and that cruel, and yet that is the mind that God has been dealing with for six....thousand.....yearrrrss. And only a few has he drawn out, to work with to mold and fashion..."

Ron reads an e-mail between brothers, which he says; "it shows an attitude of mind."

'If you don't believe Ron is who he says he is, then move on.'

"That's why I marvel...why do people...after 22 years still have the kind of bitterness and hatred they do toward Mr. Armstrong? " [Because after MORE that 22 years, lives are STILL damaged and never got started] "Move on with your life.[Yep, clean up the ruins and move on. Right! How many times has that been attempted to no avail?!] "But for some... that IS their life...STILL is their life" [That's what you call wreckage Ron] "...I'm dumbfounded...The person goes on to say here, in answering their relative..."

'Why are you so obsessed? You said several times that you need to go back to the book to prove him wrong. You aren't looking for truth, your looking to find fault. If you want to hang yourself, I'm sure God will supply the rope.' Audience giggles. 'Instead of listening to Ron's sermons trying to find the truth, you have read all the garbage off the websites you can find...'

"That's an amazing thing to me. The willingness of people to believe anything that somebody writes out there. And yet, I've heard story after story from some of you of things that have been written out there. And some of them about YOU. And people are willing to believe it because it's written down,"
[Kind of like your literature Ron?] "and it's against you, because that's really what they want." [In other words; he's telling them; It's the chosen, against the evil world] "That's what they want to believe. So, what they're looking for, is something against God's People, against ANYONE they can, to find fault...and yet they're willing to believe it, and they don't know who they're believing. [You can, however, believe your BIBLE! Something this blog repeatedly emphasizes!] "Perverts! Distorted minds of people whose lives are sick and putrid. Cuz I can tell you...people who write some kinds of things, their minds are so distorted and twisted up to have such bitterness and evil in their hearts and their minds. Get on with your life, find some joy someplace." [You think that's not the DAILY battle of Armstrong survivors?!] "Are you finding joy in such distortion and trying to find fault... your life, is revolving... it blows my's an amazing thing, isn't it?" [Such DISTORTION? YOU are the ONE who twists, lies, and distorts the truth! God's truth! We present the Word without any re-definitions, of the simplicity of God's Word. And, insist people don't allow another person to come between them and God, and to verify ALL things. We read our Bible, unlike you, who spends most of the time reading from YOUR books or defending yourself and your time line. You don't even give sermons, all you do is hold damage-control press (church) conference's.]

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Anonymous said...

"If I am not a prophet..."
Ron, you are a prophet. You will not turn out to be not a prophet. You will always be a prophet. Just a FALSE prophet. Nobody will ever think you aren't a prophet, but will always call you a FALSE prophet. And, make no mistake about it, from what I read in the Bible, there isn't any "understanding" on God's part for false prophets .