Monday, April 11, 2016

World Vision "Cleaning" Schedule Washes Out LCG Seminar

If cleanliness is next to godliness, then World Vision Canada is taking a step in the right direction. For a couple of reasons.

World Vision Canada has informed LCG that it cannot use the building for its scheduled May 14 seminar, according to As Bereans Did's communications with the humanitarian organization.

"The Living Church of God will not, in fact, be using our building on May 14. The Facilities team is cleaning the building on that date and they have already advised them of this," according to World Vision Canada.

It's unclear whether the date was awash from the start; or whether this planned "cleaning" is World Vision Canada's response to ex-Armstrongists concerns that the evangelical Christian organization was being played by LCG officials insinuating they traced their origins to Grace Communion International.

The seminar has been on LCG's web site since late March, and we find it curious that World Vision knows the building suddenly needs a thorough scrubbing. Especially more than a month out. As of late last week, World Vision Canada stated to ABD they were not concerned about LCG's use of the facility given that the Worldwide Church of God (now Grace Communion International) had a radical doctrinal shift after Herbert Armstrong's death and was now a recognized member of the National Association of Evangelicals.

The problem is, Rod Meredith left the Worldwide Church of God years before Joseph Tkach discarded Herbert Armstrong's doctrines and changed its name to GCI. Meredith is well known for both his idolization of HWA and his disdain for evangelical Christianity. Thankfully, Gary Moore, GCI's national director for Canada, straightened things out about LCG's history with World Vision.

A wide variety of organizations use the World Vision building for meetings - a practice World Vision uses to reach out and engage the community, officials told ABD. Use of World Vision facilities does not mean that World Vision endorses any group, its events or positions. But LCG isn't the Boy Scouts or Rotary Club. LCG preaches a false gospel that violates World Vision's Statement of Faith and disparages many of the ideals World Vision promotes.

Between the lines, though, it seems that World Vision Canada "gets it." In light of this situation, they plan to re-evaluate their rental procedures.

"We want to be sure that those who rent our facilities don't go against our mission and values as a ministry," World Vision Canada said in its communication with ABD.

We must admit this resolution is less cathartic than we'd hoped. Rather than expelling a cult, it feels like the old joke where the girl turns down a date with a would-be suitor because she needs to "wash her hair" that night. Still, the important thing is that the seminar will not take place at a venue that lends LCG any Christian legitimacy.

We applaud World Vision Canada's decision to take another look at its rental policies. And who knows what kind of contractual legal concerns were at play, especially under Canadian law. Well done. We'll be keeping an eye on the seminar schedule, since LCG has yet to change it on its web site.

And who knows, maybe it really was time for a good cleaning. The place certainly would have needed a whole lot of bleach after LCG was there, anyway.

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James said...

The LCG makes Christianity look as to be a joke to the average American bloke. LCG's presence there at World Vision would have resulted in great turmoil no doubt. The people who run WV would have had a lot of answering to do to those victimized by RM's filthy cult and heretical teachings. This would have been a SHTF moment for them.

I am of the opinion that Rod wants to leave a legacy before biting the bullet and a cult that dies out after his death does not fit his criteria. He want's a legacy of HONOR. Honor is earned, not rewarded.

Ain't going to happen Rod. Your grave will be like Herbies. Urine soaked.

xHWA said...

World Vision's gonna wash the LCG right outta their hair.

Redfox712 said...

Congratulations! Good work.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments and posts on here are beginning to sound more like Banned by HWA or than ABD. :/

xHWA said...

Sorry you feel that way, Anon April 12.

We don't necessarily agree with the comments we allow. Not our intention to drive anyone away. We have worked very hard over the years to be a different kind of blog site. But we have found that we need to maintain a balance. Many people were deeply injured by their experience. Many people are still in and just want to learn more about something they are interested in. We don't want either side to monopolize, but we don't want either side to be afraid to join in. So we allow things we don't necessarily like. That cuts us quite frequently because we often get comments attacking us. We allow those too.

I take it as a positive that you recognize this blog is not typical. I thank you. And I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to participate, and to offer some constructive criticism. God bless!

Anon April 12 said...

Thanks for the thoughtful response! You and the staff here are good people. I come here for learning and spiritual growth, not bashing the CoGs, who majority-wise consist of good God-fearing people who are just trying to do what they believe. No one has it 100% correct. I was just frustrated with some of the comments I've seen lately. Please forgive my own rash comment.